Coffeeneuring 2015: Ride 7

Coffeeneuring Ride 7: November 15, 2015

Destination: The Sparrows Grand Rapids, MI
Drink: Madcap Coffee
Distance: 3 miles
Bike: Schwinn World Sport

Last day, last ride. On this final day of coffeeneuring, I realized that there are some amazing neighborhood coffee shops that I was not able to visit this year. It seems most of the coffeeneuring rides I have completed focus on a far away coffee destinations and neglect the ones just down the road. Next year, my goal is to mix long-distance coffee shop visits and some of the local spots before or after a ride. So Common Ground, Kava House, Lyon Street Cafe and Wealthy Street Bakery, I hope to see you next year.

Pre-ride pic
Pre-ride pic

Today’s destination was to one of the shops in the neighborhood that I have not yet visited, despite the fact that it is down the block from my favorite pizza place in Grand Rapids, Brick Road Pizza. Like Brick Road Pizza, The Sparrows Coffee Tea & Newstand is located on Wealthy Street, a cobbled street that gives a rough ride even with the wide bike tires on most of my bikes.

The Sparrows Coffee Tea & Newstand

Wealthy Street, like many parts of Grand Rapids, is experiencing a boost from business development and uses a distinctive sign to call attention to this historic part of the city. I have yet to be disappointed with a visit to the area.

Wealthy Street
Wealthy Street

The Sparrows was definitely one of my favorites of this year’s coffeeneuring rides. The atmosphere was relaxed and quiet, despite a large weekend crowd of customers. I was most curious about the “Newstand” part of the shop before coming. They carry a great selection of hard-to-find magazines and periodicals that I’m sure I will enjoy in the winter months to come.

Coffee Bar @The Sparrows
Coffee Bar @The Sparrows

Madcap Coffee, a local roaster with a large presence in shops throughout the city, was the coffee of choice. For the first time this year, the coffee did not come in a disposable container but rather, a pint glass with a sleeve.

Madcap Coffee in a pint glass

After finishing up at The Sparrows, I continued on my loop of the neighborhood. While the bumpy ride along Wealthy Street was a bit rough for bikes, I hopped on Lake Street to make use of the wide bike lane (and to add some extra mileage to meet the minimum ride distance of 2 miles).

Lake St. bike lane in Eastown

So that’s it! 7 rides and a bonus ride split over 2 states and multiple start locations. I can’t wait to do it again next year.


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