Coffeeneuring 2016: Ride 2

Coffeeneuring Ride 2: October 23, 2016

Destination: Herman’s Boy, Rockford, MI
Drink: Herman’s Boy House Blend
Distance: 30.5 miles
Bikes: Soma Grand Randonneur & Soma Stanyan

It’s hard to let a sunny fall day pass without a bike ride, so why not make it a Coffeeneuring ride? Getting the bikes ready to go took a bit longer because this was the first time they’ve been out since the rainy Detroit Randonneur’s AAA 200k last month. As usual, we hung them up muddy and wet so they needed a bit of attention to get rolling again.

Post-Maintenance Bike Pic

With the chains clean, we headed for the White Pine Trail to Rockford. Typically we ride down the hills to Downtown Grand Rapids the head north along the river. Today, however, we mixed it up a bit and headed north into the Belknap and Creston areas before turning towards the river and trail. With bike lanes and a lot less traffic, the new route is definitely preferred. Before long, we were crossing the Grand River north of the city!

Grand River

Not surprisingly, the trail was full of people enjoying the sunny weather and changing fall colors. We kept looking for a good place for a colorful trail picture but didn’t quite find a good one. As we arrived in Rockford, we crossed the Rogue River as it makes its way to the Grand River.

White Pine Trail Bridge over the Rogue River

In downtown Rockford, we pulled off the trail and climbed away from the river to our coffeeneuring destination for the day, Herman’s Boy in Rockford, MI.

The inside is still a fun mix of bakery/deli, coffee/tea shop, kitchen and assorted other prepared foods. We both went with the House Blend coffee, which is roasted on site at the Herman’s Boy Coffee Ranch, and some bagels. The inside was pretty full but we found this great setup beneath the trees just outside the front door.

Outdoor Seating at Herman’s Boy

We hung out for a bit to warm up and plan what to do the rest of the day and set off for the return to Grand Rapids.

Lookout over the Grand River

Coffeeneuring 2016: Ride 1

Coffeeneuring Ride 1: October 21, 2016

Destination: Bagel Beanery-Breton, Grand Rapids, MI
Drink: Magnum Roastery Breton Rd. Blend
Distance: 10.9 miles
Bikes: Surly Ice Cream Truck & Surly Pugsley

We’ve had a slow start to our Coffeeneuring season and our first ride comes late in the second week. It’s definitely starting to feel like fall in Michigan with cloudy skies and the changing colors. With fat bike season around the corner, it was about time for a shakedown ride.


The first destination is a repeat from last year to the Bagel Beanery on the southeast side of the city. We took a wide loop into neighboring East Grand Rapids on our route south. On the side streets, we had quite a few more hills than we see on the established cycling routes in the area. Luckily, the fat bikes have really great climbing gears.

We arrived at the Bagel Beanery just before the lunch rush and snagged a quiet table overlooking the bikes.


Coffee at Bagel Beanery is self-serve and we are always overwhelmed with the choices. Luckily, we know the options well and quickly decided on our first drinks of the Coffeeneuring 2016.


We both went with the Breton Road Blend or as they describe it, “the lighter side of dark” roast. With our coffees and bagels (Everything and Tomato Basil) neatly arranged, here’s our pre-meal pic:


The ride home was pretty uneventful but the sun did peek through the clouds a few times to keep us warm. Not a bad start to our 2016 challenge.