Coffeeneuring 2016: Ride 3

Coffeeneuring Ride 3: November 4, 2016

Destination: Reeds Lake, East Grand Rapids, MI
Drink: Magnum Coffee Fogcutter Dark Roast
Distance: 5 miles
Bikes: Surly Ice Cream Truck & Surly Pugsley

As the warmer days of fall come to a close, we thought we should take advantage of the nice weather and complete a coffee shop without walls ride.  Throughout the summer my brother and I have been riding our bikes to a nearby lake to take in the scenery and enjoy a number of “picnics” by Reeds Lake.  We enjoy spending time by one of the boardwalks, which offers great views.  We awoke early in the morning, brewed a fresh pot of coffee, filled our mugs and pedaled over to the lake.  We approached our favorite lake side spot just as the sun rose over the eastern edge of the lake.



After parking the bikes we sat down with our coffees and took in the sunrise.

Sunrise over Reeds Lake
Morning sun lighting up the fog over the lake
Spider web back lit by sun

Reeds Lake offers a great place to take in the natural environment while living in an urban area.


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