Coffeeneuring 2016: Ride 7

Coffeeneuring Ride 7: November 20, 2016

Destination: Lyon Street Cafe, Grand Rapids, MI
Drink: Earl Grey Tea & English Breakfast Tea
Distance: 2 miles
Bikes: All City Big Block & Schwinn World Sport

Here we are on the last day of the challenge without a 7th ride. Unfortunately, an early morning this time of year means low light and bitter cold. In fact, we saw our first snow of the year this weekend. Luckily, none stuck to the streets so we can leave the winter bikes hanging for the moment.

A bit of snow in the front yard

We dug out the cold weather gear and fired up the lights and off we went to the Lyon Street Cafe.

Lyon Street Cafe

With racks just in front of the building, this is one of the easiest cafes to get to.

Bikes in front of the cafe

Usually, it is quite busy so we actually had a chance to sit down on this quiet Sunday morning.

A quiet morning in the cafe

The cafe popular for pour-over coffees but for the first time this challenge, we made tea the hot drink of choice. They do a great job with teas here. Each cup gets its own timer so each tea steeps appropriately.

Really unique handle design

So that’s a wrap on our Coffeeneuring 2016 Challenge. As usual, there’s a long list of places we had hoped to visit but didn’t quite make it. There’s always next year.


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