New Year’s Day Ride

January 1, 2017

Destination: Look-Out Park
Distance: 4 miles
Bikes: Surly Pugsley & Surly ICT

With the start of a new year, we decided that a bike ride was in order.  Luckily the weather forecast was promising with warmer temperatures and plenty of sun.  This change in weather was a welcomed change since the previous days have been fairly gray and chilly.  Since being in Grand Rapids, we had learned about an interesting vantage point near downtown which was rumored to offer great views of the city and surrounding landscape.  With a destination in mind we pedaled our fat bikes through the local neighborhoods and quickly arrived at Look-Out Park.

dsc01649Bikes with city in the background

Since this was are first time at the park, we spent some time exploring and taking pictures

dsc01634View of the city from Look-Out Park

Warmer temperatures had melted a considerable amount of the snow in Grand Rapids, which allowed what little vegetation there was to be visible.  The skyline from this direction was refreshing and offered a new perspective on a city which I’m learning more about every day.

dsc01688Enjoying the views from the park

After hanging out at the Look-Out for awhile, we headed back to our neighborhood, enjoying the architecture of the homes around the park.  We were able to get one last photo near the highway which passes through town.

finalQuiet roads in Grand Rapids